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Wall cladding with natural wood panels attracts not only with aesthetics, but also with practicality.No matter how excellent performance the modern plastic panels (siding, facade panels) possess, due to their texture and price, the block house has occupied a significant niche in the building materials market. Most often it is used for:

  • exterior finish;
  • giving residential buildings and other buildings an original look;
  • additional thermal insulation.

You can buy a block house, the price of which is quite affordable, in the «Foreest» store.

Distinctive features and scope of application:

This sheathing material in fact one of the types of lining. The main difference between them in the surface texture (here the back side is flat, and the front is convex). Thanks to this, it completely imitates walls erected from rounded logs. The boards are interconnected according to the principle of “spike-groove”. Therefore, finishing work does not take much effort and time.

They prefer to buy a block house for such purposes:

  • facing of facades of houses;
  • construction of fences;
  • interior decoration( wall sheathing, the ceilings, floors).
  • Depending on the scope of application, emphasize:
  • panels for outdside use (thickness 35 mm);
  • panels for inside use (thickness 20-25 mm);

The width and length of the boards also varies, because of this the price of a block house per square meter different. They differ in the type of raw materials used. So, there are boards from conifers (spruce or pine) and hardwood (linden, alder, ash, etc.).

The main advantages of a block house

The panels imitating logs appeared on the building materials market not so long ago. However, during this time they managed to become one of the most popular materials. Next, we explain why to buy a block house, the price of which is relatively affordable, is preferred by an increasing number of masters:

  • ease of installation (panels connect easily and quickly);
  • good thermal insulation (especially if a layer of insulation (mineral wool or other) is laid between the wall and panels);
  • durability (boards are resistant to external influences (ultraviolet, moisture, temperature extremes);
  • availability (a block house at a price quite inexpensive);
  • fire resistance (incombustible);
  • resistance to deformation (do not shift and do not crack with time);
  • aesthetics (the walls look like from a rounded log).

Most often, panels are used in repair work, but they are often ordered for permanent construction. If you want to give housing not only beauty, but also additional comfort, this is one of the most optimal options.

Where to buy a block house at the best prices?

In the «Foreest» store you can buy not only a high-quality block house, but also a wide range of other building materials. The main goal of our work is that you can save time searching for individual products in different outlets, doing everything in one company and arranging courier delivery in the city. If you want to pick up building materials by yourself, please contact our consultants to find out where and when to do it.

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Why is it profitable to buy lumber from the «Foreest» company

Many construction companies and buyers made their choice to buy lumber  at the «Foreest» store for the following reasons:

  • delivery, pickup from stock is possible;
  • various payment options: to the card, invoice, in cash;
  • wholesale prices;
  • direct deliveries from manufacturers;
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  • wide range of materials and products.

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