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Board for the terrace

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The terrace is an open area adjacent to the house, limited by a ledge. Today it is a fairly popular element of the architecture of cottages, private housing and even multi-story residential buildings, designed for outdoor recreation. It is good to sit with the whole family for a cup of fragrant tea or a meal while admiring the beauties of nature.

The most functional and important part of the terrace is its floor, for the device of which a terrace board is used. The best material for such a flooring is natural wood. You can buy a terrace board of all kinds in the «Foreest» store. Here is the material of leading manufacturers of different densities, a wide variety of colors, for different purposes, for every taste.

Board for the terrace: features and types

Since terrace board the same floor, the material for its manufacture has the same requirements for strength and durability as for a floorboard. In this case, hardwood is used (oak, beech, larch, ash, maple, cedar and others).

The floor on the terraces is under the constant influence of adverse environmental factors: moisture, sunlight, temperature extremes and a fairly severe mechanical effect of the shoe. Outwardly, it looks like a floorboard, but differs from the latter in the following features:

  • the absence of longitudinal grooves and spikes on the end part: the floor on the natural wood terrace is laid with a gap between lamellas of 2-4 mm to exclude the influence of thermal expansion, so there can be no talk of any tongue and groove lock;
  • the presence of compensatory longitudinal grooves on the back of the board (several millimeters deep), which serve to relieve stress during temperature changes or exposure to moisture;
  • the presence of antislip – corrugation on the front surface of the lamellas in the form of longitudinal grooves with a depth of 1-2 mm, located at a distance of 1.5 cm from each other, and serving to reduce the sliding properties of the terrace surface;
  • shorter width: terrace boards are the most sought after.

In the modern market of building materials in Ukraine, you can buy a terrace board of the following types:

  • with different frequency of corrugation and depth of antislip grooves;
  • thin (19-22 mm), medium (up to 30 mm) or thick board (up to 48 mm thick).

There are three types of terrace boards:

  • from natural wood;
  • from thermally modified wood (thermal wood);
  • from wood-polymer composite (WPC).

From natural wood

Environmentally friendly, attractive and popular finishing material. For production use exclusively dense and moisture-resistant wood species such as larch, oak, ash, acacia. Of imported, they often use merbau, meranti, teak and others. The price of such a terrace board is an order of magnitude higher, but its texture, color scheme and operational characteristics are worth it.

From thermal wood

A board made of relatively soft wood (ash, pine, spruce and others), treated with steam with a temperature of up to 200 degrees according to special technology. Such a board is much stronger, more resistant to moisture and ultraviolet. In addition, it acquires persistent saturated color shades, which makes it attractive along with exotic breeds.

From wood-polymer composite (WPC)

Consists of 55-65% of crushed wood and 35-45% of polymers (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride) and dyes. Technical characteristics of the material are much superior to the other two types of terrace boards, while maintaining the appearance of wood in different colors and shades.

In addition, you can buy a terrace board of different thicknesses and densities: less dense for those places where intensive loading and increased density are not expected, where they will walk in shoes. There is a board with a corrugated surface that prevents slipping.

Advantages and disadvantages

Decking from an array

It has all the advantages of natural wood:

  • frost resistance;
  • unique texture;
  • natural warmth;
  • environmental friendliness.

It fits perfectly into the environment and creates a state of ease and comfort. The price of a terrace board is available.

Disadvantages: insufficiently resistant to temperature extremes, susceptible to insects and fungi, burns, requires regular care and treatment.

Decking from themal wood

Also a natural material processed without the use of chemicals. Resistant to temperature extremes. It has rich colors and shades.

Disadvantages: damaged by insects, fungi and combustible. Regular care is required.

Decking from WPC

Natural components no more than 60%. A wide range of colors and a variety of textures. Resistant to temperature changes, not damaged by insects and fungi, does not burn, does not require special care.

Disadvantages: when used as a polymer, polyethylene can burn out in the sun.

Advantages of «Foreest» decking

The «Foreest» company from Kiev offers a terrace board at the most favorable and optimum price. The catalog of the online store at presents high-quality products from natural wood of various species. The main advantages of a flooring for natural wood terraces are:

  • strength and reliability;
  • gorgeous appearance with an original and unique texture of the front surface;
  • safety for human health: the board we offer is made of environmentally friendly wood;
  • simplicity and unpretentiousness in leaving, which does not require special physical and material costs;
  • long term of operation is up to 20-25 years.

The popularity of terrace boards has grown significantly in recent years throughout the world, including in our country. Today it is used not only as a floor covering for terraces, but also for other purposes, for example, as a flooring:

  • around the swimming pool;
  • berth surface;
  • summer areas of the cafe;
  • floors of balconies and loggias.

If you want to buy a terrace board (decking) (at the manufacturer’s price) with delivery to your destination – order it in our company! We guarantee the high quality of these products manufactured on modern European equipment using the latest technology. In Kiev and the region we will deliver the purchased goods by our own vehicles, and in Ukraine – by reliable transport services.

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