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They are used everywhere: in roofing, furniture production, and simply in everyday life. Building nails are one of the most versatile fasteners familiar to everyone. With their help, you can solve many small household problems: hang a picture on the wall, repair furniture and other structures. That is why it is worth buy construction nails, even if you are not engaged in professional construction work.

Main varieties

Many mistakenly believe that all nails are the same and differ only in the length and diameter of the rod. In fact, there are several classifications, in each of which several subspecies of this fixture are distinguished. Consider what nails you can buy and how they differ:

  • production technology (forged or chopped);
  • material of manufacture (steel, galvanized or stainless, copper, brass);
  • type of processing (galtovy (peeled) and uncleaned (for this option the price is the most affordable);
  • the shape of the head (conical with a fluted end surface or flat with a smooth one; with a wide, narrow or countersunk hat);
  • rod shape (construction, roofing, screw, comb, slate).

As you can see, the range is unusually wide. Depending on the type of construction nails, the price may be different. The most inexpensive are steel samples. Slate nails at a price not much, but higher.

For what purposes can I buy nails?

The scope of this fixture is very wide. Below we consider the main types of work where nails are used, the price of which is relatively low:

  • roofing (fastening metal sheets or slate to a wooden crate);
  • arrangement of wooden floors;
  • construction of collapsible structures;
  • fastening of finishing materials;
  • fixing plasterboard plates and many others.

Everyone can buy nails, the price of which is not so high. It is only advisable to consider the conditions in which they will be used. For example, for outdoor work, it is preferable to choose galvanized or stainless samples (contact with moisture will not form corrosion on them). If you need to fasten parts that are susceptible to aggressive environments, it is better to purchase copper or brass nails (the price of such fasteners is slightly higher, but during operation it justifies itself).

Installation of fasteners can be carried out manually using a hammer or special pneumatic tools. Choosing one or another type of nails, the price may depend on their length. It should exceed the thickness of the part to be nailed 3-4 times. This is the only way fasteners will fulfill their purpose as efficiently and reliably as possible. When choosing, it is also worth considering the features of the surface to which the fasteners will be nailed.

Where can I buy nails, the price of which is the most favorable?

The «Foreest» shop suggests you to buy construction nails of the most different types and sizes. They are suitable for both a professional builder and a home foreman. We always have the most demanded samples of nails, the price at the same time always remains affordable to everyone.

To place an order, add the necessary products to the basket or call one of the specified phone numbers. A manager will quickly contact you to clarify the details of the purchase. You will also be offered the service of courier delivery of goods or the opportunity to pick them up at own expense. Contact «Foreest» and make sure that our nails are affordable and their quality is very high.

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