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Lumber, especially edged boards, are widely used in various fields of construction due to their strength, reliability and environmental friendliness. Not only the durability of the constructed structure, but also how warm and comfortable it will be, depends on how high quality they will be. You can buy a cut board of different sizes and grades, the price of which is set for 1 cubic meter. How to navigate a large assortment of these materials will be described below.

What types of edged board

The following types of wood are used as raw materials for manufacturing:

  • coniferous (pine, larch, spruce);
  • soft (birch, aspen);
  • hard breeds (hornbeam, oak, beech).

The logs are sawn, the side edges are cut, therefore such a board was given the corresponding name. You can buy a edged board of different types. The most common classification approaches are:

  • by grade (selective, first, second, third, fourth grades);
  • by humidity (wet with humidity above 23%, dry (humidity does not exceed 23%), raw antiseptic).

Standard sizes are as follows: thickness 25-50 mm, width 100-200 mm, length 4.0-6.0 m. The price depends on the above parameters. As for humidity and grade indicators, the most expensive are dry boards of the perfect grade, which are often used in shipbuilding and automotive industry. Samples of 3-4 grades are preferably used in the manufacture of low-liability structures.

The type of cut also affects operation. It is possible to buy a cut board with a semi-radial and tangential cut, but its technical characteristics are inferior to the counterparts sawn in a radial way. The latter category is less susceptible to moisture, less often deformed during prolonged use, but the price of this type is much higher.

It is worth buying an edged board thanks to its advantages:

  • environmental friendliness (natural wood is cut, not subjected to processing by harmful chemicals);
  • durability (depending on operating conditions, can last up to a hundred years);
  • wear resistance (high-quality samples of wood of high grades are practically not deformed, are not much prone to swelling, cracking, shrinkage);
  • availability (the price is relatively small, so a wide range of buyers can buy it).

The material is used for the construction of residential buildings, gazebos, utility buildings, bathhouses. Some varieties have found application in the automotive and furniture industries, for laying wooden floors.

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Many construction companies and buyers made their choice to buy lumber at the Foreest store for the following reasons:

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