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The choice of flooring is a rather crucial moment in capital construction and repair. It depends on him, not only the appearance, but also comfort, durability. You can buy a floor board in different types, depending on the area of application and the wishes for the quality of the goods. Among its main advantages are environmental friendliness and good performance. It is also important that, a floorboard at a price is quite affordable for everyone. Be convinced of it and you, having looked at the assortment of the positions presented in «Foreest» store.

What types of flooring is represented?

The floorboard is a completely natural material. It is usually made from coniferous wood (mainly pine). Thanks to processing with special compounds, it is resistant to moisture, the formation of fungus and mold, rotting. To give additional protection and aesthetics, the floorboard is coated with varnish, oils or wax. So it acquires a noble shine, becomes resistant to dust and other contaminants.

Depending on the quality of processing, a floorboard can be bought in two types: 1st and 2nd grade. They differ in surface smoothness, the presence of individual external flaws, as well as cost. So, the price of floorboards of the first grade is an order of magnitude higher than second-rate samples.

The reasons why it is best to buy a floorboard

Despite the wide variety of modern floor coverings, more and more people are choosing to buy a traditional floorboard. Let’s try to figure out what is the secret of such popularity by the example of the main advantages of this material:

  • environmental friendliness (natural wood and nothing more);
  • good noise and heat insulation;
  • durability (the floorboard can last for many years without changing the appearance and without deforming);
  • pleasant tactile sensations (unlike “cold” and often slippery types of tiles, linoleum, such a floor covering provides the comfort of daily walking);
  • accessibility (almost everyone can buy a floorboard, the price of which belongs to the middle category);
  • ease of installation (can be put on the primary screed or lags overlap).

If you need a natural, durable and comfortable to use material, to buy a floorboard will be the best solution. In addition, it “breathes” and absorbs excess moisture, which is important for creating the perfect indoor climate.

Why is it best to buy a floorboard from us?

We work exclusively with trusted suppliers, so we can guarantee the high quality of the goods offered. If you need a durable and affordable floor board, you can buy it at «Foreest». We are always happy to help you make a choice, recommend the best options for use in different rooms.

All presented positions are easily amenable to additional processing (varnishing, paint). Therefore, it is also an excellent space for the implementation of design ideas. By placing an order with courier delivery or picking it up at own expense. You will be able to make sure that the price of a floorboard matches its quality as much as possible.

Why is it profitable to buy lumber from the «Foreest» company

Many construction companies and buyers made their choice to buy lumber at the Foreest store for the following reasons:

  • delivery, pickup from stock is possible;
  • various payment options: to the card, invoice, in cash;
  • wholesale prices;
  • direct deliveries from manufacturers;
  • high quality products;
  • wide range of materials and products.

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