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Imitation of a bar (raised beam)

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Natural wood panels are widely used in construction and repair work. They differ in environmental friendliness, durability and original appearance. For this reason, more and more people are choosing to buy false beam. Evaluate and you advantages of imitation of a bar, having got acquainted with its main characteristics.

What is a false beam and where is it used?

This finishing material is imitation of a bar, but differs in smaller thickness of panels. Coniferous wood (pine, spruce, cedar, larch), as well as linden, are used as raw materials. In fact, these are planed boards with beveled edges, connected by the principle of “spike groove”. Thanks to this, the panels are easily mounted, in this they are similar to the lining familiar to all. But unlike the latter, it is slightly thicker and wider.

Sheathing of surfaces with this material is carried out horizontally. In mounted form it is almost indistinguishable from walls from the log. With this, it costs much less, and in some aspects it even surpasses the “original”.

You can buy a false beam for:

  • facades of residential buildings and country cottages;
  • interior decoration (baths, loggias, balconies, corridors).

Since the boards differ in thickness, length and grading, these points must be taken into account when choosing a material. For example, for interior decoration, panels with a minimum thickness are suitable, but they must be of the highest grade. If you plan to use them for facade cladding, it is better to purchase the most thick boards.

7 reason to buy a false beam

The material imitating timber has a lot of advantages, because of which it is in demand among home craftsmen and in professional building environments. Consider the main advantages:

  • environmental friendliness (made of natural wood);
  • good sound and heat insulation (lined walls allow maintaining the optimum temperature both in winter and in summer);
  • good sound and heat insulation (lined walls allow maintaining the optimum temperature as in winter and in summer);
  • resistance to moisture, ultraviolet;
  • ease of installation (easy to cut, saw, fit on any surface);
  • availability (you can buy a false beam at an affordable price);
  • decorativeness (natural wood texture is displayed, for a long time retains an attractive appearance).

Using this material, you can not only easily and quickly update the appearance of any design, but also provide good thermal insulation. Thus, if you do not have the opportunity to build a house from a traditional log, it is enough to sheathe the walls with its imitation, and outwardly it will look exactly the same.

Where to buy false timber is the most profitable?

The panels presented in the assortment of the «Foreest» store are not only of high quality, but also at a very affordable price. If you are looking for a practical and attractive material for wall cladding or thermal protection, recommend buying, where the panels are presented in different lengths, thicknesses and types. You can pick up any goods from the warehouse at your own expense or arrange courier delivery in the city. At «Foreest», buying any building materials will be not only profitable, but also convenient.

Why is it profitable to buy lumber from the «Foreest» company

Many construction companies and buyers made their choice to buy lumber at the Foreest store for the following reasons:

  • delivery, pickup from stock is possible;
  • various payment options: to the card, invoice, in cash;
  • wholesale prices;
  • direct deliveries from manufacturers;
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  • wide range of materials and products.

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