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New decoration material for facades and interior. Although in world the planken has been used for decades. planken is used for cladding outside country houses, cottages, decorate the walls of hallways, saunas, make arbors, terraces, fences. Demand for material is growing every day.

The benefits of planken

First of all, this is due to the method of production. It is completely automated, therefore:

  • high accuracy of products is achieved;
  • during manufacture, all characteristics of the material are controlled;
  • different types of wood are used;
  • no additional board processing is required.

All this provides a number of advantages:

  • planken beveled is resistant to changes in humidity and temperature;
  • during operation it is not deformed;
  • it is an environmentally friendly, harmless material;
  • resistant to precipitation and corrosion;
  • not formed fungus and mold;
  • long term of operation;
  • possesses high heat and waterproofing abilities;
  • various colors and textures are available;
  • possesses high decorativeness;
  • easy to install;
  • It does not require special care;
  • easy to repair;
  • can be used for various purposes.

Types of planken

In appearance and method of installation, straight and beveled are distinguished. The straight is mounted in the joint with a small gap, and the beveled lap.

Wooden planken is made from different species of wood. Larch is one of the most common species for its manufacture.

Its wood is strong, hard and abundantly saturated with substances that prevent decay. These properties explain the great demand for the material. You can buy planken from pine in the Foreest store.

Oak has dense wood with a characteristic texture and color. Wooden oak planken is used for exterior and interior cladding.

Pine is a relatively inexpensive material for the production of cladding. Pine planken is widely used for interior decoration. The characteristic yellowish shade of pine planken can be corrected with different tinting impregnations, which will give the natural structure of the tree a special touch. You can buy planken from pine in the «Foreest» store.

From various exotic woods (merbau, teak, ipe etc) produce lumber, which is distinguished by originality, stability, decorativeness, but has a high cost.

Thermopine planken is also popular. It has an attractive appearance, increased resistance to weathering and less weight.

A material made of wood-polymer composite is on sale (WPC).


The cladding is installed on the crate. It is installed perpendicular to the cladding panels.

Installation for different types has its own features. A direct mounting method involves fixing the boards with screws. This is done quickly and easily, but hats spoil the look.

The hidden method involves the use of special metal plate fasteners that are not visible from the front, but require more time and experience. This is a modern, practical and decorative material.

You can buy planken beveled in the «Foreest» store.

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