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If you need easy-to-use and affordable fasteners, we recommend buying screws for wood or metal. They are widely used in various fields of construction, furniture production, and everyday life. With their help, you can quickly fasten the parts and, unlike using screws, you do not have to drill holes additionally (if the metal screws are equipped with a drill).

What is the difference between wood screws and metal analogues?

In the market of fasteners, you can buy metal screws and other very different types. They differ not only in the length and diameter of the rod, but also in the shape of the head, thread characteristics, purpose. The most common for sale are self-tapping screws for metal and wood. They can be black (from mild steel with phosphate coating), white (galvanized), yellow (steel with yellow-passivated coating). You can also buy wood screws from stainless steel.

The main difference between these varieties can be seen already in their names. Some are designed for attaching parts to wooden surfaces, others – to metal. The difference is also in the pitch of the carving: for wood screws it is larger, and the rods stand out with a narrow, pointed end. Fasteners for metal on the thread have a greater number of turns with a minimum distance between them.

In addition to self-tapping screws for metal or wood, and such types of this fixture are presented:

  • roofing;
  • for windows;
  • for sandwich panels;
  • for PVC;
  • with a drill (self-drilling);
  • with a press washer;
  • universal.

If you prefer to buy self-tapping screws for metal or wood for specific types of work, there are fasteners that literally everyone should have in the house. These are universal samples with countersunk heads, which will help you quickly and easily cope with many household repairs.

For what purposes do they prefer to buy self-tapping screws on wood or another type?

They are often used by both professional builders and novice craftsmen in the following types of work:

  • arrangement of the roof (there are even roofing screws on wood with a painted head (you can choose the color of the roofing);
  • fastening of drywall sheets to a metal / wooden base;
  • facing of walls, ceilings, facades with wooden panels or plastic;
  • fixing chipboard / fiberboard on a wooden base;
  • tightening the beam (used, including self-tapping screws on wood for extremely strong species);
  • connections of metal profiles and many others.

With their help, you can attach various parts to metal, polymer, wooden structures. There are also special fasteners for concrete, which fix the window and door frames to the bases of concrete, hollow blocks, bricks. Self-tapping screws for metal and other samples are resistant to environmental influences, provide reliable and durable fastening.

Where to buy screws for metal and other surfaces at competitive prices?

Almost all customers who contacted Foreest once return shopping again. Because we have:

  • reasonable prices for metal screws and other positions;
  • a wide range of fasteners and other building materials;
  • the ability to deliver goods or their own pickup.

In «Foreest» you can buy screws for wood or metal from leading manufacturers in any quantities. For more information and to place an order, please contact us.

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