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Wood impregnation

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Building materials from natural wood are widely used in construction, in particular during roofing, the construction of load-bearing structures, and decorative finishes. In order for boards,  beams, lining and other lumber to be protected from external influences, it is advisable to use wood preservative. It blocks the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation, moisture, temperature changes, prevents the formation of fungus and mold. About what you can buy antiseptics for wood, we will tell below.

The main varieties of wood impregnation

These are special formulations designed to process natural wood products. They are sold in dry powder form (must be dissolved in water before use) or liquid (ready or concentrated).

  • You can buy the following wood antiseptic:
  • to remove mold;
  • for bleaching (restore the natural color of wood);
  • antiseptic;
  • to destroy the bark beetle;
  • for fire protection.

According to the purpose, wood impregnation is allocated for external or internal works. Most antiseptics perform several functions at once: they protect against moisture, bugs, and mold. Specialized compounds are preferred to use in special conditions (high humidity or frequent parasite attacks). In addition, an antiseptic for wood improves the adhesive properties of the treated surface, coatings adhere to it much better. The main thing is to thoroughly clean the wood from dust and dirt, follow the instructions for application, and use only high-quality impregnation.

The main reasons to buy a wood preservative in the Foreest store

Impregnation for wood has a number of advantages, due to which the demand is consistently high. These include:

  • ease of use;
  • economical consumption;
  • availability;
  • universality;
  • long-term effect.

It is used for processing a variety of designs: wooden arbors, bathhouses, log houses, garages, utility rooms, benches, fences, decorative elements, and many more other. Moisture-proofing impregnation for wood will prevent the swelling of the product and, as a consequence, its deformation and cracking. Fire fighting compounds are aimed at blocking the spread of fire on wood surfaces. Wood preservative “ant-bug” will help to avoid destruction of the structure by insects.

All of the above formulations significantly extend the life of wood products, and maintain their external attractiveness. Thanks to the concentrated look, they are enough to handle large volumes. If you pay attention to the assortment of the Foreest store, you will see that you can buy wood preservatives at very attractive prices.

You can order formulations for external and external works from us, universal and specialized. We cooperate with leading suppliers, therefore the quality of the impregnation for wood presented is consistently high. If necessary, you can always consult with our staff, discuss the possibility and timing of courier delivery of goods.

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