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Construction nails 120 mm

65,00 грн. /кг


The Foreest shop suggests you to buy construction nails 120 mm long in Kiev. They are suitable for both a professional builder and a home foreman.

They prefer to buy construction nails of 120 mm in Kiev for:

  • roofing work;
  • arrangement of wooden floors;
  • construction of collapsible structures;
  • fastenings of finishing materials;
  • fixing gypsum boards.

Options and differences

You can choose different nail options:

  • production technology;
  • material of manufacture;
  • type of processing;
  • head shape;
  • rod shape.

In the Foreest store you can buy not only high-quality construction nails with a size of 120 mm, but also a wide range of other building materials.

Additional information

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