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Wood screw 3.5*25mm/1000pcs.

192,00 грн. /упак.

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In our Foreest lumber store you can order and buy wood screws 3.5*25 mm in size at a bargain price.

They prefer to buy wood screws 3.5*25 mm in Kiev for:

  • installation of wooden structures;
  • repair work in the apartment and house;
  • for attaching drywall sheets to a wooden crate;
  • connections of any wood products;
  • mounting various designs to the supporting base, complete with a plastic dowel.

Benefits of use:

  • torque;
  • removability;
  • ease of use;
  • cost;
  • universality;
  • strength.

In the Foreest store you can purchase not only high-quality self-tapping screws for wood of Ukrainian origin measuring 3.5*25 mm, but also a wide range of other types of fasteners.

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